Roohi Dixit

Roohi Dixit started her career as a copy writer and worked with various advertising agencies , it is while working with various advertising agencies, that she decided that she wanted to be a film maker herself. She then worked with a Bangalore based production house called Trends Ad Film Makers Pvt Ltd in various capacities, from being a production designer, to an assistant director, and eventually as a script writer. It is here that Roohi met Ziba Bhagwagar. Ten years back Roohi and Ziba started their own production house. They have been making films together since then.

Ziba Bhagwagar

Ziba Bhagwagar started her career as a journalist. During this period Ziba Bhagwagar assisted Black Coffee Productions, a theater group from Bangalore. Soon she started working for a production house in Bangalore called Trends Ad Film Makers as an assistant director. She assisted various directors and took charge of many a production from its beginning to completion. It is here that Ziba Bhagwagar met Roohi Dixit.Ten years back Roohi and Ziba started their own production house. They have been making films together since then.



Zero Rules

Zero Rules is a production house based in Bangalore and Mumbai. In its 10th year at the moment, Zero Rules was formally started by Ziba Bhagwagar and Roohi Dixit in the year 2003. Under the banner of Zero Rules, Roohi and Ziba have made numerous advertising commercials, corporate videos and other films. During this time Zero Rules, has had a chance to work with not only some of the best minds in the business but also some fabulous human beings. That is the one rule that Zero Rules has always stuck by. And yes, also the love of films.

  • “I don’t know what it’s like not to be an independent woman, I mean I really don’t. I have always been an independent woman.”


  • “To be allowed to think the way I want to think, to be allowed to do stuff that I want to do…to have that freedom.”


  • “What do women not do, I want to do that…just to prove that it can be done!”


  • “I understand with male colleagues this kind of picking up the bag and going is little scoffed upon, but I don’t care.”


  • “You know we all try to be superwomen. That’s the situation a lot of us find ourselves in.”


  • “I am not advocating staying at home, I am not advocating working. I am just telling you what worked for me.”


  • “The more we have fearless, strong women, walking around in India, travelling on their own, taking autos, taking buses, the stronger we are”


  • “Jo na jaane haq ki taakat, rab na deven usko himmat”


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